Protein Shake : Recipe Tip

Matt Porter one of Prescription Nutrition’s sponsored athletes shared a quick tip on how to mix a protein shake especially for folks who are dieting and feeling very hungry.

This tip is for people who are hungry and are on diets and take the time to blend a shake with ice.  He suggests that using a pure whey isolate with ice yields a “icy” non thick shake (not ideal).  His tip is to mix a pure whey isolate with a Casein Blend Protein which will give you that “thick frosty like” consistency. If you do NOT have a Casein Blend Protein, than adding a 1/2 cup of 1-2% cottage cheese will actually bind well with the whey isolate to thicken the shake..

This will give you that thick Wendy’s frosty-like texture you can eat with a spoon. Matt says that people who diet will understand the psychology of blending your protein shake in this manner. Matt uses Pro blend Vanilla with Cinnamon Bun Pure Isolate for this concoction

Send us your recipe tips.

2 responses to “Protein Shake : Recipe Tip

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  2. I love that trick Matt.

    (Iced Chocolate Mocha)

    My new favorite is to add 1/2 cup dark brewed coffee into my Protein shake in place of water.
    I add 4-5 ice cubes into my shaker, pour cooled coffee over it, and shake until chilled. Take out the remaining ice cubes and add chocolate protein to the shaker. Mix well and drink.

    This gets me caffein and protein in one shot without having a heavy feeling before a morning workout.

    Richelle Radcliff

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