Coffee and Protein Oh Yeah!

Protein Shake : Recipe Tip #2

Richelle Radcliff a NPC competitor and Prescription Nutrition customer has come up with her own morning Protein wake me up that she would like to share.  She calls it Iced Chocolate Mocha.

Richelle said her new favorite Protein shake recipe is to add 1/2 cup dark brewed coffee into her Protein shake in place of water.
She adds 4-5 ice cubes into her shaker, and pours cooled coffee over it, and shakes it until chilled. She then takes out the remaining ice cubes and adds her Cold Filtered Whey  Chocolate Isolate Protein to the shaker. Then all that is left to do is mix well and drink.

Richelle says “this gets me caffeine and protein in one shot without having a heavy feeling before a morning workout.”

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