Apple Whey Isolate Protein Shake: Recipe Tip #3

Matt Porter a NPC Competitor, Prescription Nutrition customer/sponsored athlete, and Marketing Manager for Primordial Performance is always sharing his knowledge  and experience about training and nutrition. Today he shared a Protein Shake recipe in which he combined our Apple flavored Whey Isolate Protein with our Vanilla Hydrolized 520 Protein.

Matt said: “Ok I just tried the new APPLE flavor. I was for some reason imagining a “apple pie” type flavor. Well, it is more of a tart “fuji apple” flavor. I was a bit nervous and went a head and tasted it. I can honestly say I like it. It is unique and different, but tastes pretty damn good.

Now, I also got the Vanilla Hydrolyzed 520…This stuff is potent! It is a true PURE hydroWHEY meaning by itself it is a bit pungent. It is naturally bitter from the peptides. I mixed 1/2 scoop into 2 scoops of Fuji apple, blended with ice, a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and my God……it was delicious! Yes Hydro vanilla & fuji apple….milk shake. Weird but good.

So it is ALWAYS in your best interest to mix 25% worth of Hydro520 whey into Whey iso, Casein, Egg or what have you! It will go a loooong ways.”

As Mike Ross states: “Like I have stated before our Hydro is real hydro…no holds barred…other sites charge almost 20.00 per lb for what we sell…Its 80% 520 daltons or less, the shorter the chains, the more bitter it is…But when you mix it as Matt stated it works great…We say 20% on the website, but the more you can handle the better.”

We are always looking for new recipe tips so please if you have one you would like to share please do in our comment section and we will add it.

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