Stimulating Your Metabolism Without Stimulants!

What And Why You Need It

By Mike Ross

I get asked all the time “What do I take for fat loss?” From soccer moms, folks over 50, to all levels of athletes. The first thing I ask them is “What do you eat?” Then I ask “What vitamins are you deficient in?” More often then not their diets will be OK but the response I get from the second question is usually a blank stare accompanied by the response “None that I am aware of” , or “I take a multi vitamin.” Well folks that’s where we can start. Many active people and athletes lack certain amino acids, minerals, and fats, to truly allow themselves the opportunity to recover and boost their metabolisms.

Training is very important but without proper nutrition, well its two steps forward and one step back. No one wants that. So below we are going to cover some useful ingredients to help recovery which in turn can boost your metabolism. Remember recovered muscle burns more calories due to the ability to handle greater stress. So lets boost your metabolism naturally with the following.

Magnesium & Potassium: Both are necessary for proper nerve function, conduction in the nervous system, and bone strength. Many studies are showing magnesium’s importance in conduction in muscles and overall muscle health. Magnesium is available over-the-counter and 250-500mgs per day is sufficient to aid in recovery. Potassium can be found naturally in fruits, protein sources, and some vegetables.

Iron: Excessive sweating while training especially in the summer months can lead to Iron deficiencies in all people. Red meat is high in iron, but if your boosting your metabolism and training hard, most likely red meat is a limited option. Pick up some Iron capsules and take them. My favorites and the ones I recommend as a pharmacist are Ferro Sequels. Great product that is easy on the stomach. Take 1 tablet daily.

Flax seed or Fish Oil: Both do similar things and have been studied numerous times. Both provide benefits in cardiovascular health, but for our purposes we want to reduce inflammation making recovery a faster possibility. These fats also aid in hormone production which is a must for recovery. Prescription Nutrition has you covered here, Omega Plus is the best product of its kind. It is the best of both worlds. We also carry Fish Oil Capsules if that is what you are looking for.

Vitamin D: Northerns lack sun exposure and others tend to only train inside. These folks need to up their Vitamin D intake. Add 400IU’s twice daily. Vitamin D is a important hormone precursor. You need it for your pituitary to function properly. No hormones = no recovery = decreased metabolic rate.

Amino Acids: There are 8 Essential Amino Acids. Chances are you are not getting enough of them. Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s are extremely important as well. Amino acids fuel muscle recovery. BCAA’s have been shown to reduce levels of perceived exertion too. Amino Infusion has everything you need and is a unique product that comes in liquid form. L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine, must be in a proper ratio-as supplied by our Infusion product, to optimize their impact on protein biosynthesis. L-Glutamine helps to combat fatigue, provide the resources necessary for growth and recovery, and L-Glutamine even plays a vital role in your immune system functions. This is a must-have mix for athletes to everyday people alike. It provides everything you need to help achieve your health and fitness goals.

Remember increased efficiency in the body’ s processes leads to quicker recovery. A quicker recovery means a better training session. Better training leads to a healthier you.

All of the above can help one train better and thus help boost their metabolism without the need for fat burners which tend to become ineffective after a couple of weeks. Worse yet, they can lead to a nutritional type starvation which which is not good for you. Try these recommendations out and see if it helps you train better and recover faster.

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