What Is Nutrtional Medicine? A Helpful Tip.


Mike Ross

Let’s touch on a new category of science and medicine today, Nutritional Medicine.
What is Nutritional Medicine?
Nutritional medicine is the practice of correcting medical issues by use of amino acids, proteins, co-factors, and vitamins.
Is the practice of Nutritional Medicine legitimate?
Yes. Nutritional Medicine is a growing field with Masters/Doctorates of biochemistry and biology focusing on the treatment of patients in conjunction with physicians.
Does Nutritional Medicine replace prescription medicine?
Yes and No. You should first consult your physician and get a few other opinions. Do some searching on Google as well. Check back with PN as well for future updates and articles as I will be delving into this area more.
– Natural treatment with raw materials your body already needs/produces
– Differs from holistic treatment as necessary nutrients are pinpointed leading to more precise dosing
– Far less potential side effects than prescription medicine
– Clinical studies are limited for some conditions
– Difficulty exacting certain deficiencies of minerals/trace elements
– Prescription medicine can be more efficacious in certain situations
Quick Example
Some forms of depression are due to a lack of serotonin production. Serotonin production occurs via a pathway that is dependent on tryptophan.Tryptophan is an essential amino acid (EAA) that an individual must ingest via diet. Through saliva testing, one can determine if they are nutritionally lacking in tryptophan. If lacking, one could increase their tryptophan intake through supplementation and give the body what it needs to increase serotonin production. This could result in decreased mood swings/less depression related issues.
Another example of amino acid supplementation to correct chemicals in the body is phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is another EAA that is related to the production of dopamine. Dopamine has many functions in the body. Click here to read about them.

How to get started
Get a saliva test kit online or at your local health food store. Follow the instructions in the kit and have a qualified health care provider explain the results to you.  Proceed from there as recommended.

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