Debunking Marketing Hype and Analyzing Product Quality!

Take a look at this ad placed in a popular fitness magazine. Now, let’s analyze their points.

1. Fenugreek and DHEA do have value for increasing men’s testosterone. However, more tan 1500 mg will be needed. Fenugreek, by most accounts of males I’ve worked with, has done little for their libido, hence many doubt its ability to significantly raise men’s testosterone.

2. 400 mg Anabolic Metabolizer. This is pretty much a laugh. At 400 mg these supplements combined will do nothing. L-Carnitine has little effect on fat burning and energy when taken orally, especially in this low of a dose. Many studies have shown this. L-Carnitine appears to work only in inject-able dosage forms in humans. ALA does have value, however the dose is too low and the form is incorrect. R-ALA is what we are looking for. We also need about 200 mg. So again, wasted materials.

3. 390 mg of L-Arginine, reservation and L-Citrulline. Seeing a pattern yet? Again, no real chemistry and under dosed. L-Arginine’s vaso-dilating effects are seen at 30 gr and via IV route. Citrulline does nothing in this equation. At least the resveratrol has antioxidant properties. Something, finally!

4. The customer quote is peculiar as well. This product made them feel full of energy and amazing. Too Funny! Not one ingredient in there promotes energy. So again, more hype.

Ads like these drive sales though. The packaging catches your eye. They hype it up. They make you think you’re going to “turn-on” or “activate” this hidden, dormant mechanism. Guess what? You’re not. You’re just lining their pockets w/your money for products that have no real science behind them, just a creative marketing team.

* Please note: All GNC products are registered trademarks of GNC. The views of this article, while based on scientific theory, are the analysis and views of the author.

– Mike Ross

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