More Marketing Hype!


This product claims to help control your hunger by creating saitity through the use of LauraLean ®. What you have to ask yourself is, “Does this really promote a healthy lifestyle?” The answer is easy…No. Let’s start at the beginning and work through the ingredients.

LauraLean ® Konjac Fiber

While I do believe all the studies related to this ingredient, you have to question its lifestyle promotion. Sure it’s almost 20 g of fiber but what would happen if you used this 2-3 times per
day? It expands in your stomach, creating that “full” feeling, but it creates a state to where you are starving yourself. Is that healthy? Does that promote goo habits and wellness? Do crash diets work long term? No, No, No!


Great ingredient. Great Antioxidant. Subclinical Dose. So this is in there to draw your attention and add fluff. Looks great but does not deliver real benefit.

SerinAid ®

Same as Reservatrol. Great product. Many studies show the benefit of phosphatidylserine. But again, subclinical dosing.

Vitamin D3

200 IU? Are we serious? If you live in the Northern United States you do not get enough vitamin D from the sun, it’s physically impossible if you work indoors. If you are taking it to help aid in cancer prevention the dose should be higher. Again, more fluff.

While this product uses patented ingredients and draws attention, it fails to deliver anything of substance. It promotes poor eating habits and instant gratification. Better health and weight loss are not over night. They do not come with quick fixes. It takes work and some discipline. I promise you, you’ll be a better person, a healthier person long-term for this. Remember, quick fixes don’t change major problems.


“Playful Activity”? I could go so many directions with this statement. Basically, I’m going to cut to the chase and group everything in NeuroGasm’s proprietary blend as subclinical.


Minimum of 500mg needed. Even if it’s all present, the rest would be severely under dosed.


Again, same as above. If you want clinical dosing consider Amino Infusion.


Really, you can get quality caffeine and ECGC from Green Tea. Best of all…it’s natural.

Serin Aid ®

Alpha GPC

Reservatrol All 3 are under dosed compared to their clinically studied doses.

So again, we have all hype and no real substance. However, you do get some sugar with your drink.

Mike Ross

PharmD, SFN

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