Don’t Bother to Detox!

Detoxifying your body and colon cleansing are gaining more and more popularity these days. Many health spas or wellness centers are offering these services. They claim it’s a way to detoxify the body and improve one’s well-being. Another way to sell this idea is that a colon “cleanse” will cause noticeable weight loss of 5-10 lbs immediately as well as improved looking skin and hair. We all want that don’t we? Well, a new study begs to differ. It showed no measurable health benefits.

The study reviewed 20 other studies on colon cleansing and the methods used. These methods included herbal supplements, boxed kits available at drug stores, laxatives, and water-based irrigation methods. Researchers reported that no marked benefits could be measured. In fact, the researchers stated the procedure doesn’t do much at all but can lead to serious side effects like a punctured colon, bacterial infections, diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney infections.

The researchers balked at claims by day spas and wellness centers of improved energy, skin tone, and immune function. They say these claims are not based in science. They do agree though that the only medical reason to have a colon cleanse is before a medical exam like a colonoscopy or to treat severe constipation. The results of their study concur with what medicine has thought for years. Your colon may have extra bacteria and toxins in it, but that’s its function and purpose. Healthy people eating well don’t need to cleanse.

The Prescription Nutrition Team

“Prescribe Your Own Health”

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