The Price of Protein

The Price of Protein!

You may have already heard the news but protein is going up. Nobody wants to hear about increases in price when we talk about your favorite supplements. However, there is a protein shortage worldwide. We hate to say it but this will be causing everyone’s protein supplement pricing to shift over the next several months. Even the big companies! In short, here is what is happening on a global scale.

The Chinese are buying huge quantities of whey from India, New Zealand, and Australia for their own market to make baby formula and supplements for their sick people. With their middle class population on the rise, they are buying baby formula like crazy because now they can afford not to breast feed. Additionally, Australia and New Zealand, two of the largest producers, have had low output due to poor weather conditions.

This is putting a strain on the market for all supplement companies. Even your larger companies will be taking a hit once their locked in price contracts on protein powders are ready to be renewed. Though the prices are increasing, Prescription Nutrition will be trying to absorb the cost as much as possible and continue to offer our customers the very best price we can come up with.

What does this mean to you? You’ll see some changes in pricing with the new website launching in just a few days. However, rest assured that we will still take care of our followers and friends. With the new site we’ll be offering bulk discounts on certain items as a courtesy to all who shop our online store. Those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or our Blog will start seeing coupon codes and we will announce specials through these social media avenues to ensure our loyal customer base gets the special treatment they deserve.

If you’d like to take advantage of our sales and get special discounts check out our new Facebook page at and our Twitter account @RxWhey.  In addition to the savings you’ll start to see in a few weeks, you’ll find that we will be updating our social media sites and interacting with our customers more often. We’re stepping up our game because we want a successful relationship with our customers before and after the sale.  We want to be your #1 for all of you health and fitness needs…whatever they may be. So join us today for a healthier tomorrow.

As always, Train Hard and Eat Healthy
“Prescribe Your Own Health”

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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