Celebrating with Sales and Specials!!!

Ok, Prescription Nutrition Fans get read to celebrate! We’re so excited to launch the new site that we’re slashing prices on several of our highest quality products for the month of April. For starters, we have our new Lean Mass Weight Gainer AnaMASS at the introductory price of $52.00 per 5 lb bag. This is a winning one of a kind formula for lean gains with:

  • 7 Sources of Premium Protein to Drive Anabolism
  • Quality Complex Carbs for Lean Muscle Gains
  • Almost 0 Sugar
  • Over 11 Grams of BCAAs + 5 Grams of Muscle-Building Leucine
  • 8+Grams of Glutamine and Precursors to Fuel Recovery
  • Aminogen and Carbogen Patented Digestive Enzymes for MAX Absorption
  • CLA to Lower Body Fat, Increase Lean Muscle, and Boost Strength

Check it out!


Next, we have Fresh Whey on sale for $15.50 per pound. This gem is:

  • Non-GMO Derived
  • rBST Free
  • Product of Free Range, Grass Fed Dairy Cows
  • 27g Protein Per Serving
  • 7g BCAA’s Per Serving
  • 5g Glutamine Per Serving

Get this one while it’s hot, folks!


Who could forget the king of slow release proteins, right? We have Australian Casein on sale too! We’re looking at $12.25 per pound! Aussie has many benefits over regular Micellar Casein to include:

  • 6 g BCAA per Serving
  • 26 g Protein Per Serving
  • 6 g Glutamine Per Serving
  • Has a better amino acid profile
  • Has a higher glutamic acid content
  • Has a superior anti-catabolic effect than regular non-Australian Caseinates
  • 4.5% higher in protein than regular caseinate
  • Better tasting and mixability

That’s right, higher quality at a ridiculously low price. But what else would you expect from PN? You wanted the best and we’re giving you the best….and cutting the price too! Get these items now before the sale ends and be watching for more sales to come in the coming days.

Don’t forget to like our new FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/rxwhey and add us to Twitter @RxWhey for sales and special announcements.

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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