Reducing Inflammation Through Food Selection – Part 2

So how do fruits and vegetables fight inflammation? Which ones are best at reducing it? We’ll cover these two questions quickly in part two of Reducing Inflammation Through Food Selection.  For Part 1, dealing with Fish and Nuts, please look at the previous article.

Fruits and vegetables can reduce inflammation in a few ways. One way we always here are free radical scavengers. The method by which everything occurs is more complex, but we’ll keep it simple for our purposes here. Basically, the antioxidants and phytonutrients found in many of these foods bind readily to the free radicals in the body. The binding of free radicals reduces inflammation and thus can lower one’s chances of various cancers and disease.

Remember when our parents would tell us “you need to eat your veggies.”? They weren’t lying to you. Vegetables, especially all green ones, are very beneficial to one’s diet. Green vegetables are high in antioxidants, B-vitamins, vitamin C, and other phytonutrients known as anthocyanins. Red bell peppers have more vitamin C than most fruits. Kale is loaded with anthocyanins. Garlic not only reduces inflammation, but crushed garlic can also help reduce your LDL cholesterol. Cauliflower and onions are high in antioxidants as well.

Fruit, vegetables counterpart, are very effective at fighting inflammation too. For many of the same reasons as vegetables. All berries contain high amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Blue berries and raspberries are best at this. Tropical fruit such as papaya and pineapple are great antioxidant foods and contain digestive enzymes such as bromelain that aid the body in breakdown and utilization of food. Lime and kiwi are great too. Try adding fresh squeezed lime juice to ice water for a quick, easy treat.

A great way to get many of the nutrients we are missing through our foods is to purchase a complete greens formula like Raw Greens. It is rich in all the major green vegetables and fruits. Featuring wheat grass, alfalfa, green apples, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and much more. It packs quite a punch. Raw Greens possesses an ORAC value of over 4,000 and has a natural green apple taste with a hint of cinnamon too.

In part 3, we’ll cover oils and spices. See you soon for this update.

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