Weight Gainer Revolutionized!

Do you want to get big without getting fat? When searching for a gainer don’t base your decision on the name or calories per serving. Look at the rest of the label and consider what your goals are. Not all calories are created equal and if you’re looking to gain lean muscle mass you might end up going down the wrong path if you’re not careful. That’s why we’ve formulated our lean mass gainer.

Typical weight gainers are chocked full of simple sugars. This is because they are designed for the ectomorph (hard gainer) who has a difficult time putting on weight and maintaining size due to their high metabolism. The simple sugars create a huge insulin spike for their post workout shake in order to move nutrients to the muscles as soon as possible. However, if you’re not a “skinny guy” these types of gainers are not the best choice. If you ARE a “hard gainer” or “skinny” please see ProGain.

For everyone else who’s looking to gain lean muscle mass, listen up! AnaMASS is specifically formulated to help you gain that lean muscle tissue and even lose body fat. AnaMASS has 7 premium sources of protein and  to help keep you anabolic longer. Supplying you with over 11 grams of BCAA’s more than 8 grams of glutamine and precursors this one is guaranteed to fuel your recovery. Plus it’s loaded with 5 grams of Leucine for that extra muscle building power.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added premium digestive enzymes Aminogen and Carbogen to increase protein absorption and utilization. Aminogen may also help to increase BCAA, plasma amino acid levels, and even increase nitrogen retention. This can mean better gains and faster recovery.  We want you to maximize your gains and make every dollar spent worth your while.

Here’s the best part…nearly no sugar! That’s right! AnaMASS contains quality complex carbohydrates! Other companies use maltodextrin which is a simple sugar used to make candy and sodas. Who wants that? Not us! Now, let’s talk fat content! Other gainers contain a range of sources including canola and sunflower oil. Not at Prescription Nutrition! Our source of fat comes from high-quality medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) that will be burned off for energy and not stored as fat. For even more benefit to your get “big and lean” pie in the sky we’ve added CLA to help lower body fat and increase lean muscle mass.  Beat that, mainstream!

In a nutshell, AnaMASS was formulated because we know you’re looking to gain LEAN muscle, not fat!

  • 7 Sources of Protein to Keep You Anabolic Longer

  • Quality Complex Carbs for Lean Muscle Gains

  • Almost 0 Sugar

  • Over 11 grams of BCAAs and 5g of Muscle Building Leucine

  • 8g+ of Glutamine and Precursors to Fuel Recovery

  • Aminogen and Carbogen Digestive Enzymes for Maximum Absorption

  • CLA to Lower Body Fat and Increase Lean Muscle

AnaMASS is at a special intro price of $52.00 per 5lb bag. Check it out now because this price won’t last long!!!

The Prescription Nutrition Team


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