Iced Coffee To-Go! – PN Style

PN’s Iced Coffee To-Go

Ok…I admit it! I love coffee! I like it any time, any where, hot or cold…I’m down for a cup. However, when I started dieting down and getting my nutrition on point I thought those sweet iced coffee days were over! But not so! Thanks to Prescription Nutrition’s  creamy ProBlend in three wonderful coffee friendly flavors I can have my iced coffee in the morning, on the go, or any time of the day. Check it out!

Take you shaker cup and put in:

4 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk (This makes it extra creamy, you don’t have to use it though)
5-6 Ice Cubes and fill it with cold water up to the 12 oz mark

Then add:

1 scoop ProBlend in any flavor (Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon Bun) Be creative and mix flavors!
1 teaspoon Instant Coffee (Regular or Decaf…makes no difference)
Those of you with a real sweet tooth you can add 1 teaspoon of Splenda to the mix but it’s not necessary!

Give it a good shake and there you have it! Iced Coffee To-Go with out the price but packed with protein that will help keep you in a positive nitrogen balance all day! Don’t forget that you can put the dry ingredients in a Tupperware container for an anytime anywhere coffee on the go.

For my own complete meal replacement concurrent with the article Don’t Get Ripped off by Carbs and Get Ripped with Saturated Fat! Written by PN’s own Matt Porter I use a variation of this and add:

15-30 grams PN’s Omega Plus  (depending on my nutrition needs at that point in time)

This packs in heart healthy Omegas right into my shake and even adds 6 grams of dietary fiber! You can’t find a better or more nutritional meal replacement anywhere!

“Prescribe Your Own Health”

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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