Reducing Muscle Soreness with Maqui

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a problem that anyone who workout or leads an active lifestyle faces. Intense activities or training usually leads to muscle soreness the following two days. Legs especially hurt when sore. Going up and down steps, rising from a seated position, even walking becomes aggravating and more challenging.

Based on research, we know DOMS is caused by three factors

Mechanical Stress – This is intense activity such as running , sprinting,  or lifting weights. These actions cause microscopic tears to muscle fibers and protein filaments due to repetitive contraction of the muscles. The body tries to repair and rebuild the muscles through a series of processes that result in inflammation which causes soreness.
Oxidative stress – The body’s increased need for oxygen during intense training or competition increases the amount of free radicals present in our body. These free radicals roam around damaging muscle cells, causing more inflammation and more soreness.
Cortisol – Cortisol is a catabolic hormone released within the body during times of emotional and physical stress. This too can lead to increased muscle soreness.

So when DOMS is present, we are most likely catabolic meaning we aren’t building muscle. It means we are delaying our recovery and the potential for gains. Soreness that lasts for days tells us our nutrition is not winning the battle against oxidative stress and cortisol. We have to win that battle!

Maqui, a deep purple berry that grows in the remote region of Patagonia is how we’re going to do it. Maqui is a clean and natural as it gets. Patagonia is an untouched land who’s waters are frequented for fishing. Maqui has the highest level of antioxidant action of all fruits, including acai, goji berry, and pomegranates. This level was verified independently by Brunswick Laboratories and is causing quite a stir. The orac value of concentrated maqui powder has been calculated at greater than 90,000 with an anthocyanin value of over 4,000. The chart below gives the orac values of maqui versus various popular , trendy fruits for comparison. Notice it’s three times as strong as nearest competitor.

When we ingest maqui, it looks for free radicals and binds them before they can cause further damage. This prevents the cascade of processes that cause inflammation which we know leads to muscle soreness. Some other studied benefits of maqui include:

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Neutralizes enzymes that destroy connectile tissue
  • Stabilize capillary walls and small blood vessel integrity
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • May improve eye sight

As you can see, maqui is quite the natural super fruit. Athletes and trainees that participate in crossfit, triathlons, marathons, MMA, or intense workouts should seriously consider adding maqui to there nutrition. Its potency and benefits are great and will only speed recovery, which leads to more gains and more productivity.

“Prescribe Your Own Health”

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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