Cinnamon Bun Yogurt Please!!!

When it comes to pastries I am the queen of them! I’m in love with cinnamon rolls, carrot cakes, bear claws…yeah…you name it…I want it! However! Take it from me and my personal experience that it’s not so easy to do dead lifts and squats on Saturday morning running on 2 bear claws for breakfast. It just doesn’t work out so well. So, unless it’s a cheat day I have to find something else that will curb the appetite of diet destruction pastries and keep me fueled up and ready for action.

6 oz container of plain non-fat yogurt (any brand)
1 scoop PN’s Cinnamon Bun Whey Iso or ProBlend
½ oz of chopped up pecans

Dump the container of yogurt and the scoop of protein into a bowl and stir. PN’s proteins are so smooth that it will mix right in the yogurt with no clumps, bumps, or gritty texture to worry about. Then top it off with your chopped pecans and even a dash a cinnamon if you’d like…and there you have it! A super sweet pecan cinnamon roll (kind of) with out the guilt or the bloat. Of course you can alter the amount of pecans or protein to suit your dietary needs and/or taste.

Calories: 298 (good calories though)
Protein: 35
Carbs: 15
Fat: 10

Want to use Chiobani Greek Non-Fat Yogurt for less carbs and more protein?

Calories: 308
Protein: 45
Carbs: 8
Fat: 10

Eat Clean, Train Hard!

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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