Want To Tango?

We are proud to announce that Prescription Nutrition is an official sponsor of the 7th Annual Kinzua Tango Adventure Race taking place on August 4, 2012 through The Allegheny National Forest.

The race is the creation of the current Director of the Warrne YMCA and former Navy SEAL, Thad Turner. The race is extremely challenging and can be done as an individual, 2 person team, or a team consisting of up to 6 people.

There are 6 legs to their race:

Leg 1- To begin a 13.1 mile running course that starts in Warren at the YMCA and leads you along the scenic Allegheny River.

Leg 2-  Next will be a 20 mile bike ride consisting of non-technical mountain biking on the National Forest roads.

Leg 3- This leg of the race will be a 2.2 mile swim from Elijah Run boat launch to Kinzua Beach.

Leg 4- From the beach will be a 6+ mile orienteering course on foot through Cornplanter Country.  This area will be well marked.

Leg 5- Next you’ll be headed back on foot toward the Kinzua Reservoir on a 4.5 mile run.

Leg 6- The last leg is a 8+ mile canoe race back down the Allegheny River into Warren.  Each team must provide their own canoe.

This race tests you mentally and physically so you can see why Prescription Nutrition wants to be involved.
This is a great race that grows in polarity every year. Registration has begun.

Prescription Nutrition loves to Tango!

“Prescribe Your Own Health”

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