Hydration is Vital

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The Importance of Water
A humans body functions are dependant on the balance of water in the body. We need water for heart function, blood pressure, metabolism, body temperature regulation, and lubrication of the joints and much more. Generally speaking, it is recommended that we consume 8-10 glasses per day but that is just the minimum recommended to help maintain homeostasis.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts
Water intake is vital to athletes and those involved in regular physical activity because the fluids are needed to transport glucose to the working muscles and eliminate metabolic bi-products. Those who exercise should drink adequate fluids at regular intervals throughout the 24 hours before an event or workout. This helps replace what will be lost through sweating. It’s no secret that we loose a lot of water while sweating and it is estimated that we loose 0,5-1.0 liters of sweat during an hour exercise session! Therefore, we should begin water consumption early in the morning and continue throughout the day in 15 minute intervals to avoid dehydration.

So how do we make sure we get enough water? Simple! Let Prescription Nutrition make it a little easier! Our 32oz shaker/water bottle is perfect for quick water refills and quick clean up to ease your busy lifestyle. This all-in-one bottle allows you to use it as a water bottle through the day, add in Amino Infusion for your intra-workout session, and shake up a creamy whey shake for breakfast and post-workout. Rinse it out and whamo! Instant water bottle again. One cup to wash when you get home! Those who hate washing dishes will love that idea!

Clean up is simple too. No need for the dishwasher either. Just remove the top and bottom of the cup give it a quick wash in the sink and your ready for the next day. You can’t get much simpler than that. You will also be glad to know that our bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Q: Why should I add Amino Infusion to my supplement regimen?

A: Replacing amino acids helps restore an imbalances due to poor nutrition or the lack of nutrition in today’s foods and/or strenuous exercise. Amino Infusion is the only liquid amino acid matrix that contains the correct clinical amounts of amino’s to help promote the repair and growth of muscle tissue, speed recovery, prevent muscle breakdown, and enhance athletic performance. Not to mention, the incredible effects Amino Infusion has on the neurotransmitters in your brain which may help you fight cravings, improve focus and memory, boost the immune system, regulate appetite, and even elevate your mood…just to name a few.

So make it a double! Get your PN shaker cup/water bottle at RxWhey.com and add Amino Infusion to your cart too. You won’t be disappointed.

Eat Right, Train Hard

The Prescription Nutrition Team

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