How to Overcome Food Addiction – A Step-by-Step Guide

The only viable method to overcome true addiction is complete abstinence. This applies to alcohol addiction, drug addiction, smoking and… food addiction. This guide helped me when I quit smoking about 6 years ago. I’ve adapted it to food addiction since the process is similar in many ways.

How to Overcome Food Addiction

1. Quit cold turkey. It is the easiest and most effective way to break an addiction. 2. Don’t carry unhealthy foods with you. 3. Quit eating junk food one day at a time. Don’t concern yourself with the future, the next month or even tomorrow. Just don’t eat junk food today. 4. Work on the attitude that you are doing yourself a favour by not eating these unhealthy foods. Do not think that you are depriving yourself of anything. You are ridding yourself of an extremely unhealthy habit that is slowly killing you. 5. Be proud of yourself. Don’t feel embarrassed or awkward. People might give you weird looks or stupid comments at first, but many will end up admiring your strength of character. 6. Be aware that many situations will trigger the urge to eat junk food. Situations might include: dinner with friends, your family has ice cream, walking past the bakery, seeing an ad on TV. Try to maintain your normal routine. If an event seems tough, go home and try it out later. Do not feel like you need to give any sort of activity up forever. 7. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit. Keep the list with you. When you find yourself reaching for a doughnut or a slice of bread, take your list out and read it. 8. Make an effort to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. Living a healthy lifestyle in general will make the transition to a junk food free life a lot easier. 9. Do regular exercise, this can really help to keep the cravings at bay. 10. Join our Facebook Page for daily reminders about your goals. 11. If you encounter a crisis, remember that junk food isn’t going to solve your problem. It will only create another crisis altogether, a relapse into food addiction. 12. Consider yourself a “food-a-holic.” One bite and you will be hooked again. No matter how long you have abstained, don’t ever think you can safely take a bite! 13. Don’t debate with yourself how much you want to cheat. Ask yourself how you feel about going back to your old level of obsession and overeating. This is an all or nothing proposition. 14. Practice deep breathing exercises when you have a craving. Also, try going for a walk or take a hot shower. 15. Go to places where there normally isn’t junk food around. The gym, healthy restaurants, etc. 16. Tell people around you that you’ve decided to completely abstain from junk food. They can hold you accountable. If you have a blog, write an article about it (like I did). 17. Remember that there are only two reasons to have a bite after you quit. You decide that you want to go back to compulsive overeating and addiction until you die of obesity and diabetes, or you really enjoy the withdrawal symptoms and you want them to last forever. As long as neither of these apply to you – NEVER TAKE ANOTHER BITE! By Kristjan Gunnarsson

One response to “How to Overcome Food Addiction – A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Those are great ways to help people adapt to your new lifestyle , because it took a long time for people around me to understand my switch :))

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