Are You Nuts? Why Eating a Food That’s Mostly Fat Can Cause Weight Loss!

In South Asia people have many uses of nuts (especially WALNUTS), other than eating them up. They spread nuts around a small opening, alittle extended than the nut itself. They place one nut in this hole and the remaining ones around it. This way, the nuts take a shape of agame. Each participant player comes at a specific distance, aims at the nut inside the whole, or any other one, and then throws the nut at it from his hand. If the aimed nut strikes the targeted one, and the two remain aloof from others while moving after collision, the player wins the game and takes all the nuts away. But if the two nuts or the aimed one strike a wrong nut, he has to place a nut from his pocket around the hole. So, the game continues and it provides considerable exercises to the players. So, nuts can be used to remove fat, and they also provide a way of an interesting exercise-cum-game for the nutlovers.
Different types of studies have been conducted in universities, study centers, and research centers to know about the advantages of nuts in the weight loss procedures. The researchers are of the view that nuts can be used with confidence to lose weight. But the method of using nuts must be followed just according to the guidelines of a dietician; otherwise, the nut eating practice may prove useless or even counter-productive.
The approximate nutritional information for 10 grams of some of the nuts is given below:
Name of Nut     Fat in grams    Calories
Almonds                     5.6                 61.3

Pistachio nuts           5.1                 61

Cashew nuts               5.1                 61

Brazil nuts                   6.6                68.3
Coconuts                     3.3                33.3
Pine nuts                     7                    69
Chestnuts                   0.26              17
Hazelnuts                   6.4                 65
Peanuts                       4.9                 58.5
Macadamia nuts     7.7                 74.6
Pecan nuts                7                     69

Walnuts                     7                     68.6

Nuts are said to be high in proteins and fats. Fats found in nuts are called mono-saturated fats and this fat does not clog. So, it does not create any problem for arteries and veins. Nuts are nutritious and provide an easy way of many kinds of nutritious elements; therefore, you can take them in variety to provide your body with all types of nutrients that may be needed by the body. Nuts let you feel fuller for a long time and, in this way, they prevent you from overeating. You may rely on the diet provided by these nuts.  The other dietary elements contained in these nuts are dietary fiber, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, omega-3 fats, and so on. Almost half ounce / 15 grams / a handful of mixture of nuts may be taken to make one serving. It will provide you with approximately 84 calories.

Benefits of Eating Nuts
A variety of nuts:
1.      Detoxify your fat and flushes it away.
2.      Reduce blood cholesterol levels.
3.      Provide vitamins and nutrients of versatile nature to your body.
4.      Provide the best substitute of the animal protein.
5.      When taken with fresh fruits and vegetables, they have more effect
in reducing weight strategies.
6.      Create a sense of satiety and you feel no hunger.
7.      As seeds and nuts are high in fiber, they are lower in calories as
compared to the foods that have less fiber in them.
Thus, benefits of nuts are more when they are taken with care and without any coating or salts. Although studies also show that fresh vegetables are more effective as compared to nuts in losing weight, yet the significance of nuts in losing weight cannot be denied. Remember not to over-eat them and to keep in touch with a dietician.
Keep exercising with certain workout plans devised by professionals of the field.

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