Fact, Fiction, or Myth? Let’s Debate Diet Soda

Does diet soda really cause all the health issues some claim?

Does diet soda really cause all the health issues some claim?

I deal with so many different walks of people in a given day. Some of the clients are organic everything, some are the polar opposite with eating fast food constantly or skipping meals left and right. The diet soda and artificial sweetener question is one I’m confronted with weekly as undoubtedly I drink my fair share of Diet Dr. Pepper. Inevitably, someone will ask why i drink the stuff with all artificial ingredients, etc. I simply tell them because its good, I like it, and show me a human clinical study that statistically shows it causes all the negative outcomes people tend to spread like wildfire.

A client of mine emailed me this image with an “I told you so” comment beneath it. Really? What did you tell me? What facts have you laid out for me to be swayed by? I simply responded back with the text you see below.

“Well look at from the sugar point of view. Sugar causes weight gain. Increased weight gain increases risk of heart attack and stroke. Sugar creates a non-neutral environment in the mouth, hence increasing plaque build-up then cavities or root canals. 3 out of 4 conditions sugar does the same, so youre still faq’d…oh and increased sugar can lead to neuropathy, kidney and/or renal disease, so that cancels out lymphoma. Lastly, there are hundreds of studies that prove my point in HUMANS. Show me the human studies for artificial sweeteners and the outcomes, otherwise your answer is conjecture.”

Now I’m open for all sorts of comments and debating on this. Feel free to leave them, but please keep in professional. No need for anyone to get nasty or the organic, non-gmo crowd to get upset. There’s an article coming shortly to stir that crowd up.

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