Organic and Grass-Fed vs Conventional Food, Should You Care?

When you are at the grocery store or local market, its easy to see the difference in organic products versus conventional products. The pricing usually SMACKS you right in the face! I mean c’mon. I have regular raspberries for $1.99 per carton or $2.99 for organic. Raspberries are raspberries right? But everything is not always as it seems. Before we go further, I will fully disclose I do buy some foods organic and some conventional, but when it comes to meat or most produce I really try to get grass-fed or organic. The numbers are just staggeringly different when you factor in the period of time (years) you consume these items.

The infographic below is really well put together and thoughtful. As you read through it you’ll learn:

  • The key differences between conventional and organic food
  • The most dangerous conventional foods and ways to avoid them
  • The differences between grass-fed and conventional butter, meat, and milk.
  • The list of foods that are best purchased organic

As always, PN has you covered with our product line as well. We feature many organic products including Grass-Fed Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein. YES, there is a difference in these proteins compared to conventional too as they are produced from the milk of cows. Click the links above to read about the benefits and differences compared to conventional protein powders.

Infographic showing the differences between conventional and organic foods

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